Resveratrol Grape Juice – Benefits and Side Effects

Resveratrol, an ingredient found in grapes and red wine, has often been linked to the explanation regarding the term ‘French paradox’, the puzzling fact that people living in France suffer less from cardiac diseases, even though they enjoy a higher-fat diet than most Americans do. This has led to research by scientists, and they have now taken an interest in finding how resveratrol might help in extending lifespan of a human.

They hope to use resveratrol grape juice or resveratrol based compound to induce the same effects produced by a severely restricted diet, which is supposed to extend our lifespan. This diet involves low level of caloric intake which activates a class of proteins, called sirtuin which in turn control metabolism; there are few other natural substances capable of activating sirtuin, but resveratrol grape juice is particularly potent at the task of triggering sirtuins.

This new interest that scientists have found in resveratrol grape juice, has been the cause behind several breakthroughs. The researchers at Harvard University have shown that resveratrol grape juice extends lifespan by controlling the activity of a gene linked with aging generally present in all life forms. It has been demonstrated practically that while middle-aged mice which were fed with a diet rich in calories suffered the deadly effects of obesity like metabolic changes enacting diabetes, liver and heart damage, and premature death. Mice which were fed with resveratrol along with the same high-calorie diet actually showed beneficial changes in their physiology, which were found in mice fed with standard diet.

The main reason for all age-related illness is oxidative stress.

It is the cause for many disease processes and in aging itself. Resveratrol grape juice shows powerful antioxidant capabilities which are capable of improving human health drastically.

Scientists report that resveratrol grape juice enhances the oxidation rate of dangerous low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and drives out harmful hydroxyl radicals. Resveratrol grape juice also facilitates in maintenance of glutathione levels, one of the body’s most essential antioxidants. According to one of the prominent resveratrol investigators, resveratrol grape juice is one of the most effective free-radical filters with many effects capable of affecting not only lifespan but general health in common.

This supplement has the ability to boost health and reduce the rate of aging process affecting many mechanisms like potent antioxidant effects, capability to enhance energy production at cellular level, and the ability to improve patterns of gene expression in the same manner as that of a low calorie-diet restriction would offer.

A word of caution though, few side effects such as increased sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, increased secretion of acne have been noticed. So it is advised to visit a doctor under such situations.

The author writes about natural cures for common illnesses. Resveratrol grape juice is highly recommended to maintain optimum health naturally. Please consult your doctor before you start consuming any health supplements. Please visit our site at:

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The Benefits of a Juicing Diet


Benefits of  Juicing

Juicing iѕ currentlу оnе of the moѕt populаr hеаlth fаdѕ. It іnvоlvеѕ adhering to a diet сonѕiѕtіng of оnly fruit аnd vеgеtаblе juісеs. It іѕ dіffеrent than оther dіеts becаuѕе with juісіng уou аre ѕtіll feeding уоur bоdу аll thе nutriеnts іt neеds without deрrіvіng іt of anythіng. Thеrе are numerouѕ benefits to juісіng, mаny of whіch can laѕt for extеnded perіods of tіme.

Detоxifіcаtiоn Benefits in Juicing

Juicing is wоnderful fоr the bodу bесausе it detoxіfіes thе livеr, rіdding іt of anу imрurіtіеs. Ovеr timе, the diet wе еat саn саusе buildup in оur ѕуѕtem. Thіѕ makeѕ us fееl ѕluggish аnd cаn even сausе us tо gеt ѕісk еаsіly, аlthough we don’t оftеn rеаlize thе сauѕe. Juicing iѕ wоnderful beсаuse the рowеrful nutrіеntѕ of the fruіtѕ and vegеtablеѕ fluѕh through thе ѕystem, remоving all tоxіns. After a few dаyѕ оn a juice diet, thе ѕуѕtеm іs cleаned оut аnd manу peoplе reрort fеeling remаrkаbly better. Detоxіfiсatіon іs alѕо іmpоrtаnt bесаuѕе іt allowѕ thе lіvеr to functіоn аt optimаl lеvеlѕ.

Wеight Benefits from Juicing

Juicing is verу еffеctіve іn hеlрing peoрlе lоѕe wеight. Whеn аdhеrіng tо a ѕtriсt juice diet, a person сan lоse a lоt of wеight іn a very ѕhort pеriоd of timе. Additіоnallу, the initіal wеight lоsѕ sееmѕ to jump stаrt the ѕуѕtem, ѕо іt is muсh еaѕier to соntіnue lоsіng wеight еvеn aftеr уоu arе through with the diet.

Hеаlth Benefits from Juicing

Juicing has beеn known tо іmprоvе саrdіovаsculаr аnd оvеrаll heаlth.

It іs аlѕo rесommеndеd for ѕоme рeople who аrе ѕuffеring frоm сertаin diseаѕеѕ. Few реорle gеt theіr daіlу reсommеndеd dosе of fruitѕ and vеgetаbles, ѕо rесеivіng аll of the nutrіentѕ frоm juice reѕultѕ in numеrouѕ heаlth benefits. Both fruіtѕ аnd vеgetаblеѕ are аlѕо rіch іn аntіоxidantѕ, ѕо thе immunе ѕyѕtem іѕ gіvеn a bоoѕt and thеre iѕ lеѕѕ lіkelihоod that a реrѕоn wіll get sick.

Inсrеаsed Enеrgу from Juicing

Pеоple whо аdhеre to a juice diet reроrt that they hаve inсreаѕеd enеrgy and ѕtаmіna tо gеt thrоugh thе dау. Theу аrе асtuallу lеѕs hungry аnd thеre iѕ еvеn аn imрrоvement іn thе look of the haіr, nаilѕ and ѕkіn.

Aѕ wіth all diеts, уоu ѕhould cоnsult with a рhуsісіan or dіеtісiаn bеfоre уоu deсidе tо еmbаrk оn a juice diet. Stіll, itѕ numerоus benefits mеаn thаt almost anyone сan bеnеfit frоm fruit and vеgetаble juice іn theіr daily intаkе. Tо makе thе beѕt juice рoѕsіblе from the comfort of уour own hоmе, сhесk out the Breville 800jexl Juice Extractor. Thіs juice еxtractor quісklу аnd еaѕіly сhорѕ up аnd blends fruіts аnd vеgеtаblеѕ, givіng yоu hеаlthу juice tо drіnk in a mаttеr of mіnutеs. With thе benefits thаt juicing рrоvіdеs, why wouldn’t yоu wаnt to give іt a try todау?

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Late Summer Apple Pie

This perfect dessert dish is incredible hot from the oven, warmed and topped with ice cream or whipped topping, or sliced cold and served with a glass of milk. This delicious apple pie starts with fresh, ripe, Braeburn apples combined with fresh lemon juice for bite, apple butter for smoothness, and a touch of honey and vanilla for added sweet. The filling is dropped into a crunchy whole wheat and oatmeal crust. Topped with a second crust and baked until the crust is golden brown and the filling is hot and bubbly. An excellent pie for the winter holidays, this is a great dessert to make year round. Late summer apple pie is ideal for brunch, picnics, late night snacks or as an elegant finish to a gourmet meal.

Cooks Notes: If you can’t locate Braeburn apples, use your favorite sweet, slightly tart apple variety.

Late Summer Apple Pie

1 cup Whole Wheat Flour
1/2 cup Ground Oatmeal
1/2 teaspoon Sea Salt
2 teaspoons Apple Cider Vinegar
2 tablespoons Ice Cold Water
1/4 cup Olive Oil
1/4 cup Butter

8 cups Braeburn Apples, peeled and thinly sliced
3 tablespoons Whole Wheat Flour
3 tablespoons Apple Butter
1 tablespoon Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
1/8 teaspoon Sea Salt
2 tablespoons Honey
1 Vanilla Bean, cut open lengthwise and seeds scraped out


1. Place all crust ingredients in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

2. Add flour, oatmeal and salt to medium bowl. Stir to combine.

3. Add apple cider vinegar and water to small bowl. Whisk to combine.

4. Cut olive oil and butter into flour mixture using pastry blender.

Stop when mixture resembles small pea size balls of dough.

5. Drizzle vinegar and water mixture into dough. Toss dough with fork until the entire dough is evenly moist.

6. Form dough into two even size dough balls, 1 slightly larger than the other.

7. Press both dough balls into 6-inch disks. Wrap both in plastic wrap. Place in refrigerator 1 hour, up to overnight.

8. Remove dough from the refrigerator, unwrap, and place between two sheets of fresh plastic wrap. Roll the larger disk into a 12-inch circle.

9. Place the rolled dough into the pie plate, by removing top plastic wrap and inverting it into a glass pie plate.

10. Repeat rolling process for second dough disk. Place on flat surface and refrigerate for later use.

11. Preheat the oven to 450 F.

12. Add apple slices and flour to large mixing bowl. Toss to coat.

13. In separate bowl, add apple butter, fresh lemon juice, salt, honey and vanilla. Stir to combine and then add to apple mixture. Toss with apple mixture until apples are well coated.

14. Spoon the apples into the pie crust. Spread evenly and press down gently.

15. Remove top crust from refrigerator and place over pie filling. Trim seal and crimp edges.

16. Use a small sharp knife to cut several slits in the top of pie for steam to escape.

17. Bake 15 minutes.

18. Reduce temperature to 350 F.

19. Bake an additional 45 minutes until crust is golden brown and filling bubbly.

20. Allow cooling for 1 hour before slicing.

An incredible apple pie that is certain to please any crowd.

Take a cooking class today and learn how the professionals make amazing pies and desserts, or head over to and select an apple pie recipe from the finest tasting apple pie recipes in the world.

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Raw Juicing recipes

A raw diet is one of the healthiest diets ever known. And if you know how to play this diet right, you could turn it into something delightfully delicious as well. And juicing is the best way to go.

Raw juicing recipes are mixing raw veggies and fruits by turning them into a juice or a smoothie so your body will get the best nutrition and the most complete minerals and vitamins so fast because juicing bypasses the digestion process.

Raw juicing recipes are easily adapted in most people’s diet today because not only it is so easy to prepare, raw juicing recipes can bring a very high dose of goodness to your mind, body and spirit.

Raw juicing recipes will change your life in a big way. You will notice the very big change of appearance and weight in a month. If you are overweight, you will lose as much as 30 to 40 pounds. And if you are often exhausted, then your energy will start to gain momentum in no time.

Raw juicing recipes can be done by anyone from all walks of life. But before you start on this raw diet, it is best if you consult first your doctor or your health professional most especially if you are expecting or suffering from an ailment. Raw juicing recipes do not have to replace your daily meals…you can use them as in between snacks or for fasting purposes due to the fact that this juicing diet has low protein.

Here is a very good recipe for you to enjoy:

Put one pound of large carrots, ½ peeled lemon, red lettuce and an apple in a juicer.

For this recipe, a centrifuge juicer is best for carrots. Mix your drink and drink it immediately. Do not allow 20 minutes to pass otherwise the nutrients would be gone by then.

Some peel the carrots for tastes reasons and this treat can be enjoyed and be good for pregnant and nursing moms. The Vitamin A, B and E present in carrots will surely bring a lot of nutrition to the mom and her baby. Those vitamins are also great in teeth and bone development and it helps prevent cancer.

Another recipe one can enjoy is tomato juice. A high speed blender would be needed for this task because it can add body to this juice. You will be needing 3 cups of tomatoes – chopped. You will also need a stalk of celery, one cucumber, pepper, cayenne pepper and Himalaya sea salt. First, you must juice the tomato, celery and cucumber. You then add pepper and cayenne to taste. You have the option to add fresh basil or oregano – but only if you like.

Wow, can you now feel the rich taste of those tomatoes in your tongue? Raw foods have never taste this good, what do you think? So go make your own version of this recipe now. The best thing about juicing recipes is that you can always improvise. You do not only need good tastes but imagination at the same time. 

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To Juice Cleanse Or Not To Juice Cleanse ?

I will assume that you know what a Juice Cleanse is. Now lets put some thoughts behind it.
The body is an amazing organism. What does it need to function fully? Oxygen , food, water, warmth, exercise, protection against the elements (shelter) and companionship.
As a living organism the body needs air, needs to be fed and needs hydration(water). The quality of these essentials affects how well the body can perform.
Poor air quality for example limits essential oxygenation of the bloodstream which carries vital nutrients to all its parts. Lack of good quality air over time will lead to restricted growth and dysfunction.
Similarly, impure water can have drastic effects and reduce the bodys performance, for example, affecting fluids in the joints resulting in lack of mobility and pain. Food which contains traces of pesticides used during its growth or added chemicals during food production can accumulate in the body and cause problems in the bodys defences against disease and cancer.
As a warm bloodied animal we need to be warm to function. Lack of warmth causes the body to use energy to protect its internal organs and in extreme cases, hypothermia, shock and even frostbite attacking the extremities. We all know that frostbite can mean loss of the affected parts.
Exercise is needed to keep our muscles from atrophying and wasting away. It also creates a strong heart for pumping blood throughout the body carrying essential nutrients to organs, nerves and muscles. The blood is also carried back to the heart to be re oxygenated. Sweating during exercise helps rid the body of waste.
Protection against the elements is necessary to prevent sunburn ( a form of radiation ), hypothermia, pollutants in the air, windchill and so on.
Although it is possible to live without companionship we are essentially a social animal and will be more fulfilled and stimulated through interacting with others. Touching and intimacy heighten our enjoyment of life.
Now lets say that we abuse some of these essentials and consume junk foods, sugars in large quantities , processed foods, alcohol or foods and drinks with added chemicals intended to prolong their shelf life. Our bodies take in these chemicals in small quantities. The body can filter out most of these impurities, however , some remain in the body. They can then leach into the blood and get carried all round the body eventually contaminating organs which will then not function to their fullest potential.
Advocates of removing these toxins by engaging in a body detoxification program such as a juice cleanse swear that this is necessary. This is because the body is under constant exposure in some form or another from chemicals or unnatural foods. There are also those who maintain that detoxification is unnecessary since the body is equipped with specific organs that filter out such impurities. It is true that organs such as the liver and pancreas do carry out this function and do it very well.
However, to me , it is a matter of the body functioning well and just adequately. Excess chemicals in the body will eventually lead to problems. Eating junk foods , whilst they satisfy feelings of hunger, carry little or no useful nutrients the body can use. The body can store excess food in the form of fat which again affects the bodys performance.
Those who have performed a juice cleanse , in the majority of cases, report benefits such as more energy , weight loss and a lift in spirits from knowing that they have done something to assist the body in performing better.
So it is essentially a question of quality of life. Yes the body can function without a juice cleanse or other detox plan but it can be more susceptible to disease, obesity and underperform. A simple and regular juice cleanse assists in eliminating toxins from the body making it better able to resist illnesses, function more efficiently and make you feel better. I can say this with confidence as I have undertaken a juice cleanse on many occasions and always feel rejuvenated and recharged afterwards. At the end of the day, it is not for me to tell you that you should undertake a juice cleanse for the reasons I have put forward. You should use your own knowledge and experience to decide. I wish you success whichever you choose.

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